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  • Geranium Project Development

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Geranium plant is one of the important as aromatic plant, it is very essential oil which has high priced for its rose like odor. It is commonly known as cranesbills. There are more than 400 species in geranium family flowering annually. Chief constituent of oil is geraniol. The pure oil is itself an perfume. Flowering plant is too pretty by its scented odor. Geranium grows in any type of soil and its suits any temperature founds in Mediterranean region. It is most popular greenhouse plant. Here plant has pink or purple flowers with palmately leaves with broad circular form leaves. It has drought resistance nature which differ geranium from other plant.

Benefits of Geranium

Geranium oil shows tremendous health benefits as use an astringent, diametric and haemostatic. By regular use of oil it helps to relief us from stress. Astringent property of oil will contracts your muscles, intestines and tissues. it is helpful to cure skin problems and works as anti ageing.

Due to its organic compound it works as antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial on human health. Blood circulation of body gets improve by serving geranium. As it is anti ageing it helps to remove dark spots from face. Wounds on your skin will be healed by the help of this natural oil, it triggered the blood clotting. Geranium oil is known as antifungal it prevents toxins from reaching your bloodstreams from open wounds. By consumption of oil or leaves from tea will improve digestion of body and helps to remove toxins from body. it helps to prevent body odor by it use as perfume.

Our Priorities

  • Best Quality Flowers

    We have best quality geranium flowers which is exported as per requirement for extraction of oil or itself in oil format.

  • Cultivation

    We have our own cultivated geranium plants farm, also we encourage farmer by showing the benefits of geranium plants.

  • Essence

    Geranium flowers are converted into oil form by extraction for perfume making. Our extracted oil has demand in global market.

The Team is Working Under Distance Agriculture System

About Us

Brain Chamber Technologies PVT Ltd unique exporters of geranium oil from Maharashtra, India. We have our own develop farm by which we gets quality of plants & flowers use for extraction of oil. We are export oriented and supply quality of oil in global market. An oil has sweet rose odor and it act itself as perfume. We have our own expert team which works from plantation of plant till extraction of oil from it. Our professionals encourage farmer for cultivation of geranium on large scale by arranging training programs. Our company has experience of polyhouse cultivation and has own long term investment plans which gives high returns on their investment.


Varieties of Geranium